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Communicatie met de fans! Gaan jullie dit doen?



Dear mr Beristain, Ignacio


Let’s introduce ourselves: The Hague City Firm is one of the oldest supporters firms in The Netherlands and the oldest concerning ADO Den Haag. Since 1977 we act as fans and watchdogs about everything concerning our club, our heart and the pride of The Hague.

As you know we have had a terrible experience with United Vansen, the Chinese investor. This drama is partly created by the Chinese investors but let’s nog forget the management in our club has been terrible since almost 10 years. People on positions who were not capable, friendly internal deals, the technical part of our football club was devastating. No knowledge, stupid investments and risks taken were to stupid.

We have seen so many directors, others with a big mouth only creating more problems in the club.

For now, Globalon, Bolt, Blitzer have taken over the club for quite a nice deal…7 million for a football-team in the 3rd city of The Netherlands. We wish you well with this bargain and congratulate you. You have saved our club from literally dying. Dying from an abnormal mismanagement.

We have some questions for you. The questions are to be meant friendly. It is not an attack since we really don’t know your intentions.

Since we don’t see any communication from you and your company we send you this e-mail.

We will publish our questions on our website: www.thehaguecityfirm.nl and hope to publish your answers soon.

If we can assist or make our questions more clear we are always willing to do this.

Let’s do this together, You and the fans of ADO Den Haag!




1.Please make clear what your R.O.I- plans are. Investing 7 million euros in a club with a marketvalue  of 0 euro’s. We would like to see the “big plan’ Not just a remark the ADO can survive but show us the in depth plans.

2.The board acting now, mr Reijntjes many questions rise about him. As a chairman from the HFC (the watchdog inside the club) he let the drama which we have been in going on, the club nearly dead! What kind of a watchdog is mr Reijntjes?

3.Reijntjes acting now as board-director? How long will this go on? Mr Reijntjes is not capable for the job of acting as director in a club with these problems going on.

4. We don’t have a technical director. Players (that’s your market value) are fed up with the absolute lack of knowledge. Reintjes seems to be acting as TD also? Are you aware of this matter and how will you respond?

5.This week one of our (if he is fit) best players gave an interview that he wants to go away, simple reason: one big mess in the club. Other interviews and information we have with other players are also are to disgusting to talk about. Our club is sick, and this sickness still being created by the board of our club. People with no knowledge. Are u aware of this situation and do you understand our concerns about losing our quality on the pitch and your loss of investment?

6.The future: see our first question. Please explain your short term plans and your long term plans.


We spoke with fans from Waasland Beveren, also an investment of Globalon and the fans seem to be quite happy with your company and mr Gobin. Can you make us that happy also?

We sincerely await your answers. Fans are concerned angry, still relaxed but somewhere, somehow, sometime fans will not sit back and see the club go further down in all aspects.

Now is the time to act, we have seen, and still see to many powerhungry boardmembers with attitude and lack of needed skills!

We really look forward to your answers. Better communicate with us (the fans) than with the “coloured press”.

We wish you a tremendous growth of your investment and both of us a glorious Den Haag.
So please make sure you install the right men on the right places, we cannot accept any more incompetence of boardmembers and lack of interest in our club and culture

Friendly regards,

The HagueCityFirm!









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